Posted on: June 20, 2008 2:29 pm

Throw a freakin' strike

This article from the onion made me laugh, probably because it sounds a lot like me. Except I would never draft Pedro Martinez.
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Posted on: June 18, 2008 3:02 pm

Dear Omar


Thanks for making me and Frank not look like such complete jackasses anymore for the Grady Little disgrace. Way to take one for the team.

By the way, where are we hanging out in september? I hear phoenix is nice and they treat unemployed people well. Let's talk soon.

Ned Louis Colletti Jr.

P.S. Last weekend was off tha hook, one love me breddha. 
Posted on: June 17, 2008 5:00 pm

If you've got the money, honey....

Disclaimer: Personal opinion is not always fact, but it's a blog, so deal with it.

It would seem in the day and age of younger, smarter legal teams, an advanced justice system, and a fairer environment for defendants than in years past, that it would be easier to sift right from wrong. From partial to impartial.

From guilty, to not guilty.

However for everyone who is not living in a cave, 10 feet underground, in a remote area of southern Sri Lanka, we realize that is just not the case. The highest dollar amount without going over, as Bob Barker says, is almost always the winner.

We see this evident in major cases just as we do in smaller ones, although not as much. If you've ever been involved in such a case, then assuredly you have your own feelings on this matter. But that's another subject for another time.

Specifically touching on the recent news of "star" R Kelly's acquittal on all charges, 14 of them to be exact (21 before the case was reduced to soliciting a minor for pornography rather than intercourse), one has to wonder just how much of an impact these factors had.

One also has to wonder, where the hell were R Kelly's lawyers in the Michael Vick case? Now, I'm not about to compare peeing on underage girls to electrocuting dogs and pretend one is much more terrible than the other, all I'm saying is when it came down to it, would you rather have Kelly's staff, who is evidently comprised of wizard's and sorcerers, or would you rather have Billy Martin, one of the leaders in Michael Vick camp?

Martin, who also represented Jayson Williams in another famous athlete trial, seemed to do just fine there. Although a retrial is pending.

This kind of discussion doesn't have much to do with sports, but as a middle class citizen, I would have to wonder what would happen to me (guilty or not guilty), and I didn't have the cash to pony up for the big guns. Sigh, back to baseball.

In other news...

Double standards irritate me just as much as the next guy, but eventually it has to stop, otherwise we might end up like those robots in the sci-fi movies that try to answer an illogical question and their heads explode. That's right, robots....

What I mean is, when talking about the NBA playoffs, thus far the media has been about as fickle as it normally is. And that's pretty fickle.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said it best after losing decisive game 5 when a reporter had asked him if the Spurs required "changing" to compete in the West.... Winners don't have to change.

If the Spurs had won the series, they are the true dynasty, Pop is a master of command and reliance, Tim Duncan is the greatest playoff MVP, etc.

But since the Spurs lost, they are suddenly too old to compete, too slow to keep up with Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, ok well maybe not Steve Nash.

It's the same old story again. If the Lakers manage to pull out Game 6, and then 7, Phil Jackson is the most dominant NBA coach of all time, Kobe Bryant proved he can win without Shaq (hasn't he already?), and Mitch Kupchak looks even more like an absolute god for the Pau Gasol deal.

However, if the Celtics win, Doc Rivers is pure genius, he overcame adversity with the death of his father and the team rode his spirit all the way to greatness, Ray Allen is the greatest chef on Hell's Kitchen ever..... oh wait nevermind.

Unfortunately, while any one of these stories could be true, we only hear one side as fans when all is said and done. And the rest is left for someone else's pen. Maybe that's just the award winners get.
Posted on: June 14, 2008 2:51 pm

Sowing rotten seeds

It's been too long since I've given dynamite fantasy advice, so let's get right to it.

I would like to shine a glaring, blinding ray of fantasy spotlight on someone who has about as much value as John Rocker at a march for tolerance.

Jeremy Sowers

Sowers, who just turned 25 in may, has electric stuff kind of like a wheelchair has at Talladega. He can't overpower you, he gives up plenty of hits, he can't top 92 on the gun (except for maybe at Busch, too bad he's in the AL), and his twin brother, Joshua Sowers, probably has more of a future at this point if only because he has not had the opportunity to fail at the major league level yet.

Some meaningless stats:

2008: 0-1 7.23 ERA 8:5 K/BB sparkling 1.77 WHIP and most important of all, 0 QS in 4 GS

And as if 2007 is any indication of what we can see going forward...

2007: 1-6 6.44 ERA 24:21 K/BB 1.56 WHIP in 67.1 INN

Fantasy Analysis:

Unless you have access to a DeLorean and play fantasy baseball 2006, where he pitched 22 scoreless INN including two SO's before hitters realized who he was... wait you actually own a DeLorean?

Fantasy Recommendation:

Must start in all AL-only leagues with no reserves or relievers, and the only pitchers you can start are in the starting rotation on the Cleveland Indians.
Posted on: May 26, 2008 9:56 pm


If you're like me and tried to buy on Francisco Liriano after his putrid start in hopes of having lightning strike out of your fingers later on this year, your hopes just got a little bit dimmer this Memorial day.

Tonight's line from the Rochester Red Wings (AAA Twins affiliate):

               IP      H       R      ER    BB     SO   HR           ERA
               6.2    6        6       6       1        4      1               4.61

After giving up two runs in 7 in his last start, and 3 in 8 before that, this isn't the roadblock we were expecting to see. It's been well documented the road to recovery from Tommy John surgery has lingering effects in some arms up to two (and sometimes over) years removed from the procedure, but I for one expected things to really start to take shape more resembling when I plucked him out of free agency that oh so glorious season ago.

Feels like it was almost yesterday.... but enough nostalgia.

One thing that worries me is that the K's are very much down. You can always attribute decreased velocity, adjustments in delivery due to his injury, but maybe something that hasn't been discussed yet is the mental side of it. If you were dominating hitters so foolishly, would you want any period of your career after that to be less than stellar? I guess you would have to ask Nolan Ryan or Roger Clemens how they felt after they knew they turned the apex.

I'm not about to compare Liriano to the greats, because it's far too soon to give up on a young arm. But one has to wonder...
Posted on: May 26, 2008 4:51 am

Rocket Launch Pt. II

This absolutely fantastic article just had to be linked from driveline mechanics.

Already a site you should be following, Kyle Boddy goes in depth on the goods from the youngest phenom to hit the bigs. Not to spoil it for Dodger fans, but you really need to read this.

After striking out twice vs. Kershaw, and four times total, Cardinals RF Ryan Ludwick had this to say about Public Enemy #1 (for non vin scully fans, this means his curve)....

"kind of like (former American League Cy Young Award winner Barry) Zito's. It's big."

What more of a complement do you need after being compared to Barry Zito?
Posted on: May 25, 2008 7:06 pm

The rocket has been launched

Not too shabby for a major league debut, not exactly Max Scherzer like but also take into consideration Max didn't start the game.

So far, the Clayton Kershaw experiment has to be considered a complete success. Tonight's final numbers:

6 IP 5H 1BB 7K 2ER 101PC

If it was not for a coughed up lead, it would of looked prettier but it could of also have been worse.

One thing you'll notice with Kershaw as he continues to work with Rick Honeycutt (as much as possible hopefully), is that he'll have to be proactive with his curve rather than reactive. When watching him get into counts it's obvious major league hitters have a lot easier time picking up the curve than at AA ball, thus you get an Albert Pujols situation with a run scoring double (should of been held to 3rd if not for Juan Pierre's terrible defense), but perhaps worse than that you get a lot of fouled off pitches, which means you get taken further into the count than need be and you have to be pulled out of the game sooner.

Not what you want when you're already on a 175-180IP max cap for the rest of the season. Maybe a minor tweak in the delivery could help hide the ball if not anything more than a nanosecond longer, thus making the ball harder to pick up, and forcing the hitter to adjust his timing. Just my thoughts anyway.

All in all, congratulations to Clayton on a successful first try, and props on the cute girlfriend, she's not Mike Piazza good but hey, it's a start.
Posted on: May 17, 2008 3:38 pm

Where's my draft?

I would like to inform you of a travesty going on right now in the interwebs.

Yes, you could say I've tried everything from fantasy baseball, basketball, football, racing, golf, hockey, and even fishing. But there's one sport that it seems like everyone is trying to keep me from sinking my teeth into!

Oh yes, the WNBA has absolutely no fantasy presence.

On closer research, it turns out the main site has actually had some rather mild games such as "Fantasy triple-threat" and "Pick one challenge sponsored by IHOP". Oh goodie, now when pancakes start paying out the prizes in my fantasy games, that's time to get really excited.

But come on, humor me for a second. How hard would it be to have maybe a 6-team league of WNBA superstars? I looked at some of the stats (but only briefly, because real basketball was on) to see if I could cross-examine some players...

Possible first round mock:

  1. Lauren Jackson, F, Seattle Storm 23.8 PPG 9.7 RPG 1.3 APG   NBA Comparison: Amare Stoudemire
  2. Seimone Augustus, F, Minnesota Lynx 22.6 PPG 4.0 RPG 2.3 APG   NBA Comparison: Rashard Lewis
  3. Diana Taurasi, G, Phoenix Mercury 19.2 PPG 4.2 RPG 4.3 APG   NBA Compariosn: Manu Ginobili
  4. Tina Thompson, F, Houston Comets 18.8 PPG 6.7 RPG 2.8 APG   NBA Comparison: Josh Smith
  5. Becky Hammon, G, San Antonio Silver Stars 18.8 PPG 2.8 RPG 5.0 APG   NBA Comparison: Joe Johnson
  6. Cheryl Ford, F, Detroit Shock 13.0 PPG 11.2 RPG 1.5 APG   NBA Comparison: Lamar Odom
Have I got you salivating yet? You bet'cha

Will I be watching the WNBA tip-off over sub-.500 interleague matchups? Not on your life.
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